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Leaders Community is a not for profit organisation. We rely on the generosity and good will of grant giving organisations to enable the delivery of our initiatives which are either fully funded or heavily subsidised. 


Without such support, Leaders Community would not be able to offer these initiatives that are grounded in realism and make such a positive difference to our learners.

If you are interested in supporting our community work and would like to explore ways of supporting us, then please get in touch.


All organisations have the power to make an extraordinary impact on the lives of all children and young people, especially those at risk of exclusion and isolation.

There are many programmes we would like to develop which include accreditation in leadership skills but lack the funds to do so.


Everyone can make a difference, how much of a difference you wish to make is up to you!

Our supporters include:

Waltham Forest Local Authority

London Sport

Peabody Community Trust

LVE Foundation

The Jack Petchey Foundation

Leyton Orient Foundation

If you are interested in supporting our community work please contact us on either of the following :



Phone: 07831 224510

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