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The vision of Leaders Community is to invest and enable children and young people to work towards personal development and social change, to remove barriers preventing marginalised and isolated children and young people from accessing services. Our initiatives support social inclusion, community cohesion, improved health and well-being - for all learners to have fun.

Leaders Community believe that every child and young person can make a valuable contribution to society and that they should have the chance to succeed. It is our aim to help them recognise that each one is a Leader, whilst giving them a voice to determine and influence their own futures.

Our programs help children and young people build a future which connects them through a common identity and shared values. We help them understand the role they can play in society and how to make the most of the varied opportunities and path ways we offer them.


Such opportunities include:

Performance opportunities with National Organisations such as The Jack Petchey Foundation, Pineapple Studios, Industry Shows, Community Events.

Volunteering within our organisation, helping to gain invaluable work experience, preparing young people for their future by leading workshops in Primary and Secondary Schools.

Higher attainment in Leadership Skills through nationally recognised Accredited Leadership programs.

Enrichment through workshops addressing personal safety, health & well-being.

Outreaching in local communities.


Our objective is to plan and invest for the future. To deliver and expand initiatives which create opportunities for children and young people to grow and develop key skills while boosting their confidence and motivation. 

  • To organise activities that promote active and healthy lifestyles.

  • For children and young people from different communities, to foster intercultural awareness, mutual understanding and community cohesion.

  • To promote a positive culture of learning.

  • To enable all children and young people to have access to our services without being categorised by financial status.

  • To work together as a catalyst for change.

  • Build confidence & self esteem.

  • Improve concentration.

  • Enhance language/communication skills/Improved social skills.

  • Improve emotional intelligence.

  • Improve community cohesion.

  • Promote proactive engagement in weekly physical and fun activities.

  • Empower young people to make positive choices.

  • Encourage positive behaviour change in learners, including self awareness relating to positive body awareness.

  • Steer learners away from negative cycles & behaviours.


The advantages of participating in the performing arts has been documented and highlighted in this decade as being an area that significantly contributes to the wellbeing of children and young people with their social, personal and academic development.

  • It Builds Confidence

  • Helps Concentration

  • Develops Language & Communication Skills

  • Encourages learners to engage and co-operate

  • Supports interaction & socialisation

  • Develops emotional intelligence and creativity

  • Dance Improves physical development & levels

  • Drama supports numeracy skills

  • Nurtures the development of friendships and team work

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